Ian’s profile

Born in London, England. Educated at Ruxley Secondary School,where Ian took an art course from 1958-1960, then at Epsom Art School from 1960-1964. Awarded the Surrey Certificate in Art & Design,

Ian worked as a graphic designer in advertising agencies and studios in England and Denmark. Taught Graphics at East Ham College, and English, Art and Photography at Ruam Rudee International School Bangkok. Other work included  being a DJ  in pubs and a singer in a blues band.

As a freelance, Ian illustrated children’s educational publications and teenage romance stories and also worked as a  cartoonist, editor, photographer and designer for wide variety of periodicals.

He has  been exhibiting drawings and photography extensively since 1980 in one man shows and mixed exhibitions in England.  Germany, Holland and Thailand. Examples of his fine art and photography have been published in art books and  magazines.

From 1991-1995 Ian lived in Bangkok where he worked, writing reviews, illustrating, for magazines and books,  also as a newsreader and music presenter on English language radio stations. From 2000 Ian took time out to rediscover his painting in both London and Amsterdam. His mature paintings followed a path of hard edged abstractions. From 2014, he has adopted a freer bolder style of paintings & drawings.
He continues his painting including printmaking in East Sussex, where he moved in 2010.


2016 Collaboration with Jonathan Anderson. A book of photographs & images used on limited edition merchandise, posters & online sale. http:://www.j-w-anderson.com
2015 Online sale of photographs curated by Jonathan Anderson.http:://www.j-w-anderson.com
2013 Three editioned silkscreen prints published.http://www.artizaneditions.co.uk
2013 Two paintings shortlisted for ROYAL ACADEMY summer exhibition,London..
2012 Two paintings, Mixed Show, East Sussex Open.http://www.townereastbourne.or.uk
2009: Painting, ROYAL ACADEMY summer exhibition,London.
2008/2009: Paintings, PYMS GALLERY, London.
2007: Paintings, mixed summer show. PYMS GALLERY, London.
2007: Paintings, mixed summer show. STARK GALLERY, Canterbury.
2006: Paintings, mixed exhibition. PYMS GALLERY, London.
2005: Paintings, mixed summer show, PYMS GALLERY, London.
2004: Paintings mixed show, 286 GALLERY, London.
2004: Skylark group show. OSTERLEY PARK GALLERY, London.
2003: Mixed show. WALLS GALERIE, Amsterdam.
2003: Photographs. 147 ATELIER/GALERIE, Amsterdam.
2001: Paintings, one man show. SE.W9, Thai Restaurant, London.
1999: Photographs, group artist show, SKYLARK GALLERY.
1999: Drawings & photographs. CENTAURUS, London.
1998: Photographs, “Kensington People”. KENSINGTON LIBRARY, London.
1994: Photographs, “Boxers & Buddhas” SEVEN SEAS Restaurant,Bangkok.
1993: Photographic book “Younger Days” published by Aubrey Walter editions.
1991: Photographs, mixed show. SEVEN SEAS Restaurant, Bangkok.
1988: Drawings, mixed show. ST. JUDES GALLERY, London.
1987: Photographic book “Out of Season” published by Olive Press.
1986: Joint show with Neil Godfrey. ST. MARY LE BOW CHURCH,London.
1986: Drawings & Photographs at Art Fair ICAF/2 London.
1985: Drawings, one man show. REVOLT GALLERY, Hamburg, Germany.
1985: Drawings, one man show, BODY TECH, London.
1984: Open Drawing show. WHITE SPACE GALLERY, London.
1984: Drawings, one man show. ON THE WALL GALLERY, London.
1984: Drawings,Invited artist, Art Fair.ICAF/1 Barbican, London.
1983: Drawings, “The Male Nude” mixed show, HOMEWORKS, London.
1982: Photographs, mixed show. HEROES GALLERY, Cardiff.
1981: Drawings, mixed touring show, BILLINGHAM GALLERY-House of Commons.
1981: Drawings, 1st one man show. EBURY GALLERY, London.
1981: Drawings, “Masked” mixed show. EBURY GALLERY, London.
1980: Drawings, group show. EBURY GALLERY, London.

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